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Shoreline Productions was founded in 1987 by its current president, Patrick Mongoven.  Our name reflects our proximity to Lake Michigan, and our commitment to the Chicago area production community.

Shoreline Productions specializes in shooting and editing high-quality video for the discerning broadcast, corporate, and commercial producer.  We also provide portable shooting and editing systems and crews for producing video modules on-site at business meeting venues, incentive trip locales, and convention centers.

We’ve always made a concerted effort to remain a small company so that we can offer personal attention to each of our clients.  Having a small staff also allows us to hire the best freelancers in the business when the need arises, thereby guaranteeing your project the high quality that it deserves.

As often as possible, we like to shoot what we edit (and vice versa).  We feel that this gives us the ability to contribute to the look of a project from beginning to end, and that it gives us a measure of accountability on both ends of a project that most shooters and/or editors don’t have.  Our clients agree with our vision, and usually retain us to both acquire and edit their footage.

That said, there are also plenty of times that out-of-town producers simply take their tape and go back home.  Even though we don’t get to edit the show, the client still has the advantage of bringing his or her editor footage that was shot with an eye for the cut.

In addition to shooting for local and out-of-town producers in Chicago, we travel all over the country, and the world, to shoot for any number of clients.

Prior to starting Shoreline Productions, Pat worked in cable, educational, public, and broadcast television.  He also worked as both staff and freelance cameraman and editor for some of Chicago’s busiest production houses.
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Catch The Wave!

Shoreline Productions offers its broadcast, corporate, and commercial clients experience, excellence, and creativity in shooting and editing high quality video for local and out-of-town producers, both in the studio and on location.




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